Australian tastes are changing fast when it comes to baked goods. From breads and pies to cakes and slices, and everything in between, more and more families are looking for the wholesome goodness and great taste of wholegrain flours, grains and meals. In fact, studies show 40% of Australians say the presence of wholegrains now influences their food purchasing decisions1 – and it’s increasing every day.

That means there’s never been a better time to start using your ‘Grain Power’ with MAURI grains and meals.

Fill out your details the link at the bottom of this page and you can download these seven delicious new ‘Grain Power’ recipes for you to try in your own bakery…

The 7 new recipes are:

  • Honey Wheat & Oat Epi
  • Soy, Linseed & Quinoa Loaves
  • Pumpkin & Grain Boules
  • Spelt & Purple Wheat Baguettes
  • Deposited Mixed Grain Loaves
  • Banana & Muesli Rolls
  • Dark Rye & Caraway Loaves.

MAURI now boasts one of Australia’s largest and most versatile ranges of wholesome grains and meals for professional bakers. View the range to learn more by clicking HERE!


Contact your MAURI Account Executive or our Customer Service Team on 1800 649 494.

For more great recipes using our Grains & Meals range, fill out the form below. 

Source: 1. Jones JM, Peña RJ, Korczak R, Braun HJ. CIMMYT Series on Carbohydrates, Wheat, Grains, and Health: Carbohydrates, Grains, and Wheat in Nutrition and Health: An Overview. Part I. Role of Carbohydrates in Health. Cereal Foods World. 2015;60(5):224-33.


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