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Wholegrain Milling

Welcome to a new era in Australian baking.

As Australian diets and tastes continue to evolve, baking and bakery ingredients need to evolve too. At MAURI we’re excited to offer our customers a range of high quality Wholegrain Milling organic flours.

Together, we’re meeting Australia’s changing tastes head on with the addition of sustainably and organically-farmed flours that are good for farmers, bakers and all Australians


Whole Grain Milling Silos

Owned and operated by the Neale family in Gunnedah NSW for over 40 years, Wholegrain Milling is Australia’s largest supplier of chemical-free, sustainable, stoneground and organic baking flours. The new arrangement means Wholegrain Milling’s most popular flours are now available to MAURI’s Bakers right across Australia.

Certified Organic white flour
Certified sustainable white flour
Stoneground certified sustainable white flour

Three new flours. Endless opportunities.

Wholegrain Milling uses premium-quality, chemical-free grains. Their artisan flours are then carefully milled in a state-of-the-art milling facility in Gunnedah, with roller mills and stone mills. Click the link, below, to find out more about the product range.

What are ‘Organic’ and
‘Sustainable’ Flours?


Wholegrain Milling’s Organic Bakers Flour is milled from naturally-grown Australian grain, farmed with zero use of pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. It’s independently audited and certified to be 100% organic against the Australian Certified Organic standard.


Wholegrain Milling’s Sustainable Bakers Flour and Sustainable Stoneground Bakers Flour are both ASP (Australian Sustainable Products) Certified from ‘Sustainable Farming Systems’. This means the supply chain is independently audited and verified to ensure its long-term sustainability and traceability. It promotes farming practices such as natural soil fertility and biodiversity measures, and results in verified chemical free grain.

ASP Certified 

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