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Honey Mustard & Chicken

Honey Mustard Chicken Pie

We’ve teamed up with EOI bakery to make winter warmer with this Honey Mustard Chicken Pie. Give the recipe a try!

Smokey Pork & Bourbon

Smokey Pork & Bourbon Pie

Winter has arrived, and we have teamed up with EOI Bakery to bring some Pie inspiration! This Smokey Pork & Bourbon pie is sure to warm-up those cold hands on a Winter’s Day. Give the recipe a try!

Chocolate Macaron

Chocolate Macaron Sandwich

Every mum loves macarons! Packed with silky textures and rich flavours, our classic chocolate macaron recipe is the perfect base for some sweet Mothers’ Day creativity.

Berry Custard Tart

Elegant and irresistible, these delicious baked custard tarts come with a naturally purple twist, thanks to a medley of farm-fresh blueberries. Even better, they’re super easy to prepare!

Lavender Scone

Lavender Scones

Ready to mix things up a little? We’ve taken one of our all-time favourite scone recipes and given it a delicious purple twist for Mothers’ Day. First, we’ve added culinary lavender flower to the mix. Then we’ve finished it all off with delectable lemon lavender icing!

Lavender Eclair

Lavender Éclairs

Why settle for ordinary custard eclairs? Give yours a purple twist with this delicious Mothers’ Day recipe from MAURI. We’ve infused the custard with culinary lavender flower buds and also added a luscious purple gel to the glaze.

Pretty in Pink

Love is in the air! Celebrate this Valentine’s Day by baking some of our Pretty in Pink donuts

Pizza Bases

To celebrate world Pizza Day, we thought we’d share this interesting fact with you… Margherita was the first ever pizza flavour – In 1889 Queen Margherita visited Naples with her husband King Umberto. The pair grew tired of their diet, which consisted exclusively of French haute cuisine, and wished to try a local dish. The pizza delivered to them was topped with white cheese, basil and tomatoes, the colours of the Italian flag. It was dubbed the Margherita!

Lemon Meringue

Taste what happens when two favourite recipes collide… Lemon Meringue Donuts. This is sure to be a much-loved staple in your bakery.

Chocolate Black Forest Cake

With cherries coming into season, celebrate by making Chocolate Black Forest Cake! Featuring MAURI Crème Muffin Mix, cherries and whipped cream, you also have the option of adding Kirsch liquor too.

Glazed Lemon Tea Cake

This fine weather calls for Glazed Lemon Tea Cake! Perfect bite sized treats made with MAURI NCF Utility Cake Mix.

Life on Mars

With international travel off the cards, we developed this ‘Life on Mars’ Donut Recipe! So teleport your senses and try your hand at baking (and eating) this fun recipe! Bound to be a hit with customers and fellow bakers alike.

Base & Top Puff Pastry

Given the secret to an outstanding pie lies in the pastry, we wanted to share our recipe and techniques for achieving that perfect flaky texture! With pastry perfected, the fillings are the next best bit.

Banoffee Cake

Father’s Day is fast approaching, so we wanted to share a classic treat for you to surprise the father figure in your life! Using our Duet Cake Base, this Banoffee Cake is bound to be a favourite in bakeries and homes alike!

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