Product Code85862
Weight (KG)12.5
Applications:Artisan BreadsRolls, buns & baguettes
Bread Mixes

Artisan Bread Mix

• Natural Artisanal-style flavour
• Convenient and easy to use
• Consistent product quality

Basic Recipe

IngredientsWeight (kg or L)%
MAURI Artisan Bread Mix5.000kg12.500kg100%
MAURI Instant Dried Yeast
MAURI Compressed Yeast0.180kg0.450kg3.6%
Water (variable)3.000L (cold refrigerated water)7.500L60%
Total Dough Weight8.240kg20.600kg


Mixing time (spiral mixer)

2 minutes on speed 1 followed by 7.5–8.5 minutes on 2nd speed or until optimum dough development to achieve a finished dough temperature of 23-25°C. Place dough into lightly oiled container and allow 20 minutes Bulk Ferment. Gently fold dough (half turn) and allow a further 20 minutes ferment.

* Note: 40 minutes recovery time, critical for rehydration of sour.


The weight of each dough piece will vary according to the product variation.

Intermediate proof

10 minutes.


By hand or as per manufacturers recommended settings through machine. Try using semolina to dust the work surface.

Final proof

40-60 minutes.

Proofer settings

86% relative humidity, 38°C.


Bake time will vary depending on the scale/product weight (approx. 20-35 minutes).

Oven settings

Bake at 240°C for the first 5 minutes with steam. Drop the temperature to 200°C for the remaining 25–30 minutes. Vent when dropping temperature.


Recommended for the first 5 minutes.


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