Baking better with BARLEYmax™

Taking gut and heart health to the MAX

MAURI to distribute BARLEYmax™

Did you know?

  • 50% of all Australians have some form of gut health complaint
  • 1 in 6 Australians are affected by cardiovascular disease

Few things in life are more important than good nutrition. Increasingly, it’s what Australian families are asking for and based on statistics like these, it’s no surprise.

With this very much in mind, MAURI is proud to have recently entered a new license and distribution agreement that will allow Bakers to bake with a high-nutrition grain called BARLEYmax™.

The agreement with BARLEYmax™ owners, The Heathy Grain, began in December 2019 and gives MAURI access to the BARLEYmax™ technology developed in conjunction with the CSIRO. It means you will very soon be able to offer your customers all the nutrient benefits of BARLEYmax™ in your own baked goods.

Initially, four BARLEYmax™ products will be available:

  • BARLEYmax™ Whole Grain
  • BARLEYmax™ Kibble
  • BARLEYmax™ Flakes
  • BARLEYmax™ Flour.

What is BARLEYmax™?

BARLEYmax™ is a non-GM, nutritionally superior wholegrain that tastes great! With the potential to offer significant health benefits compared to traditional grains, some people have even labelled it a ‘super barley’. Carefully developed by the CSIRO, BARLEYmax™ grain, kibble, flakes and flour is nutritionally superior.

Specifically, BARLEYmax™ contains:

  • 20% more protein than wheat
  • Twice the dietary fibre of wheat
  • Prebiotic fibre for digestive health
  • 20% more beta-glucan than oats

Try BARLEYmax™ for yourself

From our ongoing work with MAURI Bakers and families right across Australia, we know the importance of enhancing the nutritional content of bakery foods. BARLEYmax™ is an exciting step in extending our range of ‘better for you’ bakery ingredients. The end result will be good news for your customers – and good news for your business.


Contact your MAURI Account Manager or our Customer Service Team on 1800 649 494.


Download the BARLEYmax™ Information Sheet HERE

Interview with Award Winning Bakery, Pinjarra Bakery

MAURI was fortunate enough to catch up with one of their customers, Jodie Pantaleo from Pinjarra Bakery, who recently won the Great Aussie Pie Competition. She kindly took the time to celebrate their success by telling us all about their award-winning bakery including their top tips to make the best Aussie pie! Keep reading for the full interview.

Tell us about your store(s) – where are they located, how many years have you been in operation, what areas do you specialise in?

We actually didn’t start out as pie makers or bakers! But our Italian roots have inspired a love of food and coming together as a family. The bakery was founded in the mid 90’s when mum and dad (Larry & Narda Pantaleo) decided to start producing a small selection of specialty baked goods within their existing fresh food mart business. The bakery component of the business became so successful, they decided to move next door into an independent bricks and mortar store and in 1997, Pinjarra Bakery & Patisserie was born. After 10 years of doing what we love, we finally moved to a brand-new, purpose-built flagship store in Pinjarra.

Not long after, we celebrated the opening of a second store in Waroona and finally Maddington in 2014. We have had such success so far and are thrilled to share that we have plans to open a 4th store in Port Kennedy in November! It’s been a long time coming! Together with our 80-strong team, we’ve been rolling out award winning goodness for more than 23 years.

Our speciality has to be our award-winning pies! They are what we are known for. Our signature pies are distinctive, unique and crammed to the brim with tasty fillings you can see and flavour combinations that have become crowd favourites.

You recently won the Great Aussie Pie comp for the best meat pie in Australia – how did your business prepare for the competition (what was the process)?

We have been entering for so many years now that honestly, there isn’t really a set process. The team know exactly what they need to do and we trust them to experiment and create the best tasting, most creative pies. The guys are lucky to have the opportunity to produce special edition flavours (invention pies) throughout the course of the year leading into awards season- so this really helps us with nailing flavours and producing a winning recipe that has already been tried and tested.

Can you share any tips for other bakeries thinking about entering next year?

It has taken us 20 years to win this award. There are so many factors that make up an award-winning pie- however we feel the quality of meat is vital. Find the perfect meat to gravy ration and pack in as much flavour as possible! The best advice we can give is to keep persevering, take note of the judge’s feedback and experiment with new recipes. 

How has winning this competition helped your business?

It’s been a whirlwind since winning the award. Customers are loving using the “best meat pie in Australia” tagline. I think they have taken ownership and are very proud by association. It’s been a wonderful message to help drive more people to our stores and has supported our goals to continue building a strong, successful brand.

Personally, what is your favourite pie?! 

From the mainstream range it is the Chilli Beef. But from the Invention pie range, it has to be the Beef, Camembert and Caramelized onion! They are just delicious!

What would you say is the most creative pie on your menu?

We launch a limited edition “invention Pie” once a month which are always our wackiest and most creative. We have had a few creative ones, Vegemite and Cheese, Nacho Beef, Pulled pork and apple cider, bacon double cheeseburger, Honey mustard chicken with candied bacon, just to name a few! Our pie loving customers can’t wait to get their hands on the latest invention pie! 

What are your favourite MAURI products to use and why? What types of end products do you create with them?

The Supreme flour is our favourite and definitely the one we use the most. We make all our amazing puff pastry using the Supreme Flour and also our pie bottom for our pies. It’s the best!

What was the main reason you decided to work with MAURI?

We have been partners with MAURI for the past 20 years and have found throughout the years MAURI has always provided us with the highest quality products, service, technical support and product range. No one else compares.

 Do you have any tips for apprentice bakers just starting out?

  • Make sure you love what you do and be passionate about it
  • Always give that little bit extra without being asked
  • Be loyal to your employer, listen and respect your colleagues
  • Read books, watch tutorials, don’t be afraid to ask questions, always look at ways to gain more knowledge.
  • Enter industry competitions, keep on challenging yourself
  • Don’t be afraid if you make a mistake, learn from your mistakes and do a better job next time.
  • Have a dream, have a plan, set your goals and don’t be distracted from achieving your goals.

Catching up with brand ambassador Noel Stewart of Stewart’s Bakery!

MAURI had the pleasure of catching up with brand ambassador, Noel Stewart, owner & head baker of ‘Stewart’s Bakery’ in Ballarat, Victoria. Noel kindly took time out of his busy day to tell us all about the day (or night!) in a life of a baker, including his favourite parts and products. Keep reading for the full interview.

What does a day in the life of a Baker like you look like? Can you describe your day in two words?

Very demanding. Working as a baker, my day is full on from the moment I get out of bed to the minute I get back in at the end of the day. My day also operates in reverse to the everyday person as most of my work is done in the early hours of the morning.

What is the best part about being a baker?

I would say that the best part of being a baker is definitely that rewarding feeling you get when you see the end product after all the hard work has been put in.

What are your favourite MAURI ranges to use? What types of end products do you create with them?

My favourite MAURI ranges to use in my own baking are the Bread and Sweet Goods Mixes, but I love using all of their ranges really. My favourite MAURI products though would definitely be the Sponge Mix or Donut Mix, basically any of the sweet mixes. You could say I have a sweet tooth!

Which are the busiest times of year for you?

The busiest time of year has to be winter. It seems to go on forever! We sell a lot of pastries especially during this time. People love them!

Do you have any specialty products you like to create for the warmer spring/summer months?

In the warmer months, the speciality products I mainly bake are bread, bread rolls and sandwiches. Perfect for picnics!

What is your favourite aspect of the MAURI products?

My favourite aspects of the MAURI products have to be their quality, consistency and the vast range. I also love the taste! People always come back so the taste must be good.

You can view our product range here: https://www.mauri.com.au/products/

Customer Bite! Interview with Ryan Khun of Country Cob Bakery

MAURI had the privilege of chatting to one of our brand ambassadors, Ryan Khun. owner and baker of Country Cob Bakery in Kyneton, Victoria. Ryan kindly took the time to chat to us about his day-to-day life as a baker, telling us everything from his daily routine to his favourite recipes, products and so much more! Keep reading for the full interview.

Tell us about your store – where is it located, how many years you have been in operation, any areas you specialise in, how many customers you serve a month/year, awards and industry recognition…

Country Cob Bakery is located in the small country town of Kyneton, Victoria. We took over the shop 3.5 years ago now and since have had great success, both with the bakery and winning of awards! We have won the Australian Best Pie Competition 2 years in a row which we are very proud of, as well as many smaller gold awards. I would say we have won over 100 awards in total.

What was the main reason you decided to work with MAURI?

The previous owners of the bakery used to deal with another company, who wasn’t MAURI. Shortly after we took over, Paul Greene, one of MAURI’s Sales Reps came to see us. He provided excellent customer service and was extremely helpful, so we decided to try the product. We haven’t looked back since! We make a range of goods using MAURI’s offerings, of which have won lots of awards!

 What advice would you give to other bakeries considering using MAURI?

You never know if you don’t try! If you haven’t tried MAURI products before, it is a good idea to sample and play around with it. The products are really good to be honest and two of our awards (Australia’s Best Pie and Vanilla Slice) have been won using them. It can be challenging to switch suppliers but once you’ve got the quality that MAURI gives, you don’t need to change again. MAURI really is one of the best. 

What are your favourite MAURI products to use and why?

We have quite a few favourite products definitely. The Maximus and Supreme Bakers Flour are our main products and the ones we use on a regular basis in our everyday baking. Although we also love the Cake Donut mix and the Sponge Mix!

How can we make your baking experience better/easier?

When the quality of MAURI products is so good, it enables us to make quality products really easily, and that is such a crucial part of the baking process. The customer service is also very good too. Every time we have a question we can easily call and ask, and we always get a quick response with the solution which is great. This makes our job much easier and definitely makes us very satisfied customers.

What inspired you to become a baker?

My older brother, Chan, who is the head baker. I have learnt everything I know from him. He is my role model and was definitely my inspiration for getting into baking.

Which are the busiest times of year for you? Do you have any specialty products you like to create for these times that you are famous for?

Winter is definitely our busiest time, especially during the school holidays. In the winter, as its colder, we usually make more pies and pastries as people want something warm and comforting to eat. Since we have won Australia’s Best Pie 2 years in a row, people want to try our famous pies.

What does a day in the life of a Baker like you look like?

As we don’t make much bread in our bakery, we don’t have to get up at 1 or 2am, so get a bit of a sleep in! We focus on pies and cakes and so we can get up at 5 or 6am, just like any other job really. For us, being a baker is just another normal job, so we get to live normal working hours and spend time with our families.

What is your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part is definitely the baking and cooking the products. Although I love doing everything in the shop – except the paperwork!

How do our products differ from other products you’ve tried in the past? Pros and Cons

MAURI products are very consistent and of very high quality. We rarely have problems with the products, and if we do, they are very easy and quick to fix. The price is also great for the quality of the product, and that’s why we use MAURI.


Partnering with Australian grain farmers through the good times and bad.

For over 150 years, MAURI has stood side by side with Australian grain farmers. Through the good times and bad times, our fortunes have always been closely connected. Right now it’s fair to say times aren’t so good, with severe drought affecting large areas of agricultural land across Australia. The current Bureau of Meteorology statistics show virtually all of Australia’s major cropping areas, except for Victoria, have recorded below average rainfall for the last 6 months. The hardest hit areas have been northern and western NSW, and southern Queensland, where soil moisture levels are rated as ‘extremely low’ with less than 60% of average rainfall in 2019, following the 2018 drought. These are some of the nation’s most important wheat growing regions.

The economic and social consequences of the ongoing drought are affecting regional communities right across the country – and with Summer fast approaching, things may get worse before they get better. Understandably, this is having a very real impact on the supply and quality of the grains and meals used to produce the MAURI products you know and love. But far more importantly, it’s also placing increasing pressure on the livelihoods of grain growers. In the face of considerable adversity, MAURI’s commitment to Australia’s resilient and hard-working growers remains as strong as ever. We’re determined to support them in every way we can to ensure the long-term sustainability of their businesses and, by association, our own.

Bake better with us as we continue to work closely with our grain growers and farmers to bring you quality grains and meals.

Two Proud Millers.

As Australian tastes and diets continue to evolve, and sustainable agricultural practices become increasingly important, MAURI is delighted to announce a distribution arrangement with Gunnedah-based Wholegrain Milling Company.

A forward-thinking milling business run by the Neale family for over 40 years, the new distribution-led partnership begins in September, 2019. It provides a national growth platform for Wholegrain Milling to share its innovative range of speciality wholegrain flours with more Australian bakers than ever before.

Equally, it provides MAURI baking customers with greater choice, helping them expand their bakery offer with direct access to some of Australia’s finest sustainable and organic baking flours. A key part of MAURI’s business-wide commitment to meet changing consumer tastes and deliver ongoing value for its customers, the new partnership is an important step in shaping a more robust, profitable and sustainable future for Australian bakers, farmers, millers and the Grain Industry as a whole.

“The new arrangement with Wholegrain Milling means greater choice for MAURI customers. It lets us add even greater value to their baking businesses – not to mention provide even greater profit opportunities – by helping them expand their product ranges with access to Australia’s finest sustainable and organic baking flours.”

– MAURI MD, David Wallace.

“Wholegrain Milling has come a long way since we produced our first stone-milled organic flours on the family’s kitchen table 40 years ago. Today we’re Australia’s largest supplier of chemical-free, organic and sustainable flours. Now, thanks to MAURI’s unrivalled industry reputation and national distribution network, we’re excited to share our range with more Australian bakers than ever before.”

– Wholegrain Milling Managing Director, Craig Neale.


Like to know more about MAURI and Wholegrain Milling? Find out here.

Aussie culture, Aussie passion and good old-fashioned Aussie Pies.

MAURI customer, Heatherbrae’s Pies was established in 2001. The founder, Russell Cox, is passionate about bringing traditional tastes and quality foods back to Australian palates. We spoke to Heatherbrae’s Cody Boyd to understand the ins and outs of this famous pie joint.

What are your favourite MAURI ranges to use? What types of end products do you create with them?

We have two stores; located in Raymond Terrace and Sutton Forest. At both of our stores we use MAURI flour for every and any product that requires flour. Pies, breads, sweets, you name it. We love the stuff!

Which are the busiest times of year for you? 

It does vary between our two stores but I would have to say that for both locations, Christmas and the summer period is by far the busiest and craziest time of the year. With so many Aussies packing a bag and hitting the road, we get all the highway traffic stopping in for a bite!

What does Australian Baking mean to Heatherbrae’s Pies?

Our owner, Russell Cox, founded Heatherbrae’s Pies on the idea of preserving Australian heritage and cuisine. It’s really important to us to make sure that we use Australian products wherever we can in our baking so we keep the Aussie heritage and culture at the centre of our products. We are all about Aussie food and Aussie people!

What is the most creative/out-there pie on your menu?

One of our regular menu items which is on the more creative side is our Red Curry Lentil Vegan Pie, it’s a really cool one which is a bit different from our other regular pies. We also do a ‘pie of the week’, these special pies can be really out there in terms of flavor combinations. A personal favourite of mine from this range is the BBQ Pizza Pie, combining the flavor of both a pie and a slice of pizza… there’s nothing quite like it.

What is the craziest experience you’ve had in one of your bakeries?

Last month our Southern Forest store won Best Pie in NSW, we had a big celebration for that which was a really great time for everyone at the store. It was great to get together and celebrate this achievement.

Any awards you are most proud of?

We were awarded Best Pie in NSW this June for our Steak Mince Pie. We have also won a bunch of other awards for our Chicken and Veg Pie and our Diggers Chunky Steak Pie. These continue to be our most popular menu items and for good reason too!

Where do you see Heatherbrae’s Pies in 10 years?

We have some really amazing things in the pipeline! We are moving towards introducing some gluten free pies to our menu. We get so many requests for these pies and it is really important to us to provide quality menu items for everyone, regardless of their dietary needs. We are working on opening a separate bakery which will supply to both our stores; the reason for doing so is that our stores just have too much regular flour there.

We are always looking for opportunities to expand so I’m sure there will be some great things happening in the next few years!


Australian tastes are changing fast when it comes to baked goods. From breads and pies to cakes and slices, and everything in between, more and more families are looking for the wholesome goodness and great taste of wholegrain flours, grains and meals. In fact, studies show 40% of Australians say the presence of wholegrains now influences their food purchasing decisions1 – and it’s increasing every day.

That means there’s never been a better time to start using your ‘Grain Power’ with MAURI grains and meals.

Fill out your details the link at the bottom of this page and you can download these seven delicious new ‘Grain Power’ recipes for you to try in your own bakery…

The 7 new recipes are:

  • Honey Wheat & Oat Epi
  • Soy, Linseed & Quinoa Loaves
  • Pumpkin & Grain Boules
  • Spelt & Purple Wheat Baguettes
  • Deposited Mixed Grain Loaves
  • Banana & Muesli Rolls
  • Dark Rye & Caraway Loaves.

MAURI now boasts one of Australia’s largest and most versatile ranges of wholesome grains and meals for professional bakers. View the range to learn more by clicking HERE!


Contact your MAURI Account Executive or our Customer Service Team on 1800 649 494.

For more great recipes using our Grains & Meals range, fill out the form below. 

Source: 1. Jones JM, Peña RJ, Korczak R, Braun HJ. CIMMYT Series on Carbohydrates, Wheat, Grains, and Health: Carbohydrates, Grains, and Wheat in Nutrition and Health: An Overview. Part I. Role of Carbohydrates in Health. Cereal Foods World. 2015;60(5):224-33.


We were extremely proud to have sponsored the L.A Judge Award event again this year. The prestigious event has been running for over 50 years and is an excellent opportunity for young bakers to get a step up in their baking career. We were lucky enough to attend this year’s gala dinner and see 20-year-old Tristan Beisler crowned the winner of the 2019 L.A Judge Award. A month later, we caught up with Tristan to chat about his competition experience and his plans for the future.

What was the most challenging aspect of the competition? Was there a particular section you found the most nerve wracking? How did you overcome these feelings (if you had them at all)?

The whole competition was really challenging. It’s not only the hands on baking during the day, but working on the speech during the night was exhausting. Overall the whole thing was quite nerve wracking but the speeches were definitely the part I was most anxious about. I think after getting to know the other competitors this really helped with giving the final speech, knowing that they were in the same position as I was. My dad also helped talk me out of the stage fright jitters.

During the competition did you, at any point have a ‘wow I could really win this’ moment?

I think by the end of the competition, I assumed I was in the top half of the competitors. In saying this, it’s really anyone’s game. The competition had a theory section as well as the hands on baking. The theory scores weren’t released until the very end, which kept everyone guessing.

It was so wonderful to see your father up on stage with you when you received first prize. How much has he impacted your baking career?

Honestly, my dad is the main reason why I bake. He’s run the family bakery for many years now and I can remember so many times as a kid going in to help him make pies or cakes. Without his guidance and influence I don’t think I would of had a reason to start baking at all.

Do you have any 5 or 10-year goals you are aiming to achieve when it comes to your baking career?

I think that there is great merit in setting goals, but if you stick too closely to them you can railroad yourself to somewhere you didn’t think you’d end up. That’s why at the moment I’m just focused on working hard and finishing my trade. Maybe someday I’ll take over the family business but that is far into the future, I am keen to keep my options open.

Lastly, what advice would you give to other young bakers looking to be nominated for next years LA Judge awards?

To anyone doing participating in the L.A Judge competition, or any other competition for that matter, I would say just give it everything you’ve got. Practise speaking in front of peers, study hard and just keep working. Most importantly try and enjoy yourself, it is a great experience!


MAURI had the privilege of meeting up with customer, Ian Smith, owner of The Baker’s Corner’ in Brisbane. Ian kindly took time out of his busy schedule to chat to us about his life in the bakery, from his favourite products to the busiest times of the year and everything in between, keep reading for the full interview. 

What is the best part about being a baker? 

I think one of the best parts of my job would be the satisfaction I get out of it, there’s something so rewarding about creating a product from scratch and then watching a customer walk away satisfied with their purchase. The other part of the job, which I really enjoy, is the fact that it is honest work, you can’t cheat people when you’re selling them bread!  

What are your favourite MAURI ranges to use? What types of end products do you create with them?  

As a staple I would say the MAURI Flours, they are just so reliable and consistent which is something so important to any baker. I also love the range of grains products on offer. My favourite product to make with these ranges would have to be a sourdough, whether that be a purple kibbled wheat sourdough or a porridge style sourdough.   

Which are the busiest times of year for you?  

We are actually fast approaching the busiest time of year at the moment. During summer people try to cut back on their carb intake but during the winter period, there is nothing better than a warm soup and some freshly baked bread!  

Do you have any specialty products you like to create for these cold winter months?  

During winter we tend to make heavier rolls, seedier sourdoughs and potato sourdough. Practically anything that goes well with a hearty soup or casserole!   

What does a day in the life of a Baker like you look like? Can you describe your day in two words? 

If I had two words to describe a day in my life, they would have to be upside down. What I mean by this is at 7pm while everyone is relaxing after a long day of work, my day is just beginning. At 8pm I start to prep the products and around midnight the products start to come out of the oven. I usually finish up around 5am, just before the rest of the world is waking up! 

What is your favourite aspect of the MAURI products? 

My absolute favourite thing about the MAURI products would be consistency. The products are so reliable and I always know that I am going to get a consistent and delicious end product.  

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