Environmental conditions have always had a big influence on the MAURI business. Given the changing and often unpredictable nature of the seasons, and the impact this can have on the grain growers we work with across Australia, it makes the strength of our business partnerships more important than ever.


Each year we place tremendous value on building close working relationships between farmers and millers to ensure the long-term competitiveness of all businesses in the MAURI supply chain, from field to bakery and everywhere in between. It’s about much more than simply buying grain and turning it into flour. Every day, we work with grain breeders and grain growers to ensure new grain varieties coming on to the market continue to deliver real value to our farmers, our ingredients, our business and our customers. Right across Australia, you’ll find our grain team partnering with local producers who are looking to innovate and add sustainable returns by growing grain crops with consistent quality yields and a secure final market.


We remain acutely aware Australian grain growers continue to face many challenges in producing the crops on which our business depends. It’s why, in an increasingly-volatile market, MAURI is striving to make these challenges easier to manage. If you’re interested in knowing more about our contract options for grain growers, or would like to view a draft contract, please contact us.

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