Back to School, back to sandwiches!


Did you know ‘softness’ is one of the key things parents look for when buying bread for their families?

Fact is, kids just love soft sandwiches. With children all over Australia now heading back to school, there’s never been a better time to make the most of MAURI Soft White Bread Mix – your #1 choice for soft sandwich loaves and rolls.

MAURI Soft White Bread Mix helps you bake classic white breads with the delicious soft white crumb everybody loves. It’s the ideal base for baking traditional lunchbox favourites like white loaves and rolls. But it’s also perfect for keeping lunchboxes interesting with more imaginative creations including plaits, twists and any number of flavour combinations. Why not consider adding fresh toppings like cheese and bacon, diced olives and feta, or perhaps even sundried tomatoes? Kids will love them, and parents will too!

Easy to use, easy to enjoy.

Like the entire range of MAURI bread mixes, MAURI Soft White Bread Mix has been expertly crafted to deliver you a product that’s as good as baking from scratch. It’s convenient, easy to use and bakes with consistent quality every time. Simply add yeast and water for a result your customers – and their kids – will always love in their lunchboxes. To take this versatile mix to the next level, enjoy our MAURI Soft Bread Tips and Techniques Guide on achieving the ideal sandwich loaf, soft rolls and a myriad of wonderful plaits.


Contact your MAURI Account Executive or our Customer Service Team on 1800 649 494.

NEW – MAURI Continental Bread Mix


Over the centuries, so much of the world’s great baking has been inspired by Europe. Now it’s easier than ever to create authentic Continental-style breads and loaves with our latest innovation: MAURI Continental Bread Mix.

MAURI Continental Bread Mix is a versatile mix that behaves well when moulded into a wide variety of formats, allowing bakers to create a wide range of new and unique products from one simple bread mix. Convenient and easy to use, simply add yeast and water for consistent quality and great results every time – even for less experienced bakers.

Key features of new MAURI Continental Bread Mix:

  • Allows for an open texture with large air holes.
  • Has a slightly chewy bite and an off-white coloured crumb that appears natural and not highly processed.
  • Crust is crispy with a golden colour that appears slightly crinkly that consumers expect from traditional Turkish and Ciabatta loaves.
  • Creates resilient dough, designed to allow for flavourings and other inclusions to be added for unique tastes and textures.

From Ciabatta, Turkish and Focaccia-style loaves to deliciously fresh Pizza Bases, new MAURI Continental Bread Mix is as good as baking from scratch. Why not try it for yourself?


Contact your MAURI Account Executive or our Customer Service Team on 1800 649 494.

Digital-world resources, real-world benefits

Digital technology continues to revolutionise pretty much every corner of society – and this includes baking! As part of our company-wide commitment to ‘Baking Better Together’ you’ll start to notice a move towards increased digital activity for MAURI in the coming year or so. Headed by our all-new website, it will also include a more active presence in your favourite social media channels like Instagram, and Facebook.

While we’ll always remain a proud face-to-face business with a strong personal presence right across Australia, we know we can use technology to help support our customers in smarter and more efficient ways. Our increased digital focus will help give you access to an ever-growing resource library with everything you need in one handy place, 24/7, from MAURI product information to industry news, ideas and inspiration.

We’re excited about the future and look forward to sharing more news very soon, so be sure to keep an eye on the MAURI website and, of course, follow us on social media using the easy links below.

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