Chocolate Lovers Hot Cross Buns

This chocolate infused version of the classic hot cross bun is a must for all chocolate lovers this Easter season! Using our versatile MAURI Bun Bread Mix this is an indulgent and decadent recipe which is bound to delight.

Sweet Fruit & Custard Brioche Buns

A unique Easter recipe, these Sweet Fruit and Custard Brioche Buns combine a velvety custard filling topped with the sweet burst of berries wrapped in the soft, rich exterior of Brioche. Created using our easy-to-use MAURI Bun Bread mix, these are sure to spark joy and satisfy this Easter.

Coffee Hazelnut Finger Buns

Go beyond the bun this easter with our Coffee Hazelnut Finger Bun! This showstopper is bound to catch customers’ attention, combining both elegance & festivity. Made using MAURI Bun Bread Mix, the smooth, fine crumb combined with coffee frosting, topped with roasted hazelnuts makes for a delicious Easter treat that’s sure to impress! We hope you enjoy the recipe!

Premium Hot Cross Buns

A family favourite & Easter time staple! This delicious Premium Hot Cross Bun recipe has been developed using our Bun Bread Mix, making these ‘egg-ceptionally’ fast and easy to prepare. Try it today!

Crème Muffin

The Classic Crème Muffin is a delicious, soft and moist muffin with crispy muffin top finish and a sweet buttery flavour.

Marbled Chocolate Slice

This Marbled Chocolate Slice is the perfect blend between a dark chocolate and vanilla cake slice, creating a visually appealing swirl and perfect flavour combination.

Rhubarb & Raspberry Crumble Muffin

Indulge in these luscious Rhubarb & Raspberry Crumble Muffins. A delightful fusion of tart rhubarb and sweet raspberry in a moist and soft muffin base, topped with a buttery crumble that adds an extra layer of texture and delicious flavour.

Banana & Caramel Muffin

These moist, sweet Banana & Caramel Muffins are a delightful combination of caramel and banana, complemented by a rich caramel ganache, that adds a perfect touch of indulgence.

Caramelised Apple Tea Cake

Enjoy this classic Caramelised Apple Tea Cake, a soft, moist, vanilla slice, topped with juicy, sweet caramelised apples and an apricot glaze.

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